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Art-based learning

Art-based learning We offer workshops and courses in art-based learning – a unique portal for individual, group and organisational development linking behavioural science with artistic working practices.

We believe the concept of art-based learning can empower groups to develop creative processes, question ingrained patterns, develop new working practices and open up new avenues towards wellbeing in the workplace.

Art-based learning is designed for all organisations and groups with a desire to develop group working practices in a creative way and to unlock staff potential. Our workshops offer a stimulating approach to a fundamental need. The only essential is an open mind.

Many ongoing research projects round the world bear witness to the fact that art and culture can in many respects, have a positive impact on us, not least on our physical health.We believe that working with artistic practices not only supports but also promotes learning and development – on both a personal and professional level, and even contributes towards the developments in society at large by providing more energy for new and innovative thinking.

Working with art’s “tool box” involves a differentness that can provide an ability to challenge stereotype and routine thinking. Working with analysis, assessments and evaluations require logical and rational approaches, but to be able to see things in a new light and be able to see what is not immediately apparent, require more creative methods and approaches. We maintain that utilizing the more adventurous tools of art, can be an exciting – and even necessary complement to logical thinking skills. If we use all our mental faculties and abilities we should have more impact and effect on our developmental projects.

All of our courses and workshops in art-based learning are of a practical and playful nature, where no one needs to have artistic talent, and are aimed at all those who have an interest in a more creative way of developing organizations.

We offer:

  • Group development / working groups and management teams
  • Looking foreward towards new goals and objectives
  • Work with core values
  • Professional development for people working with visual art, such as teachers in pre and primary schools
  • Customized training courses Customised workshops